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Emergency response service of scientific data for Jiwozi Formation mudslide disaster, Weiziping Village, Luanzhen Street, Chang 'an District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province (20230811)
Publish time: 2023-08-15 09:54

A heavy rainstorm hit the Chang 'an District of Xi 'an, Shaanxi province from 8 PM to 18 PM on August 11. Around 18:00, Jiwozi Formation (the northern foot of Qinling Mountain and the watershed area of National Highway 210) occurred in Luanzhen Street, Chang 'an District. After the disaster, Xi 'an immediately set up an on-site headquarters, organized 14 rescue forces such as fire, public security, a total of more than 980 people, invested more than 1,100 sets of equipment such as life detectors, satellite phones, excavators and search and rescue dogs, and raced against time to do a good job in personnel search and rescue and rescue work.

After investigation, the sudden flash mudslide disaster caused a total of 27 dead and missing personnel, 21 victims have been found, and 6 people are still missing; Caused 2 homes (about 300 square meters) damage, 210 National road 3 damage, 21 minor damage, 3 damage to power infrastructure and a 35 kV line failure, resulting in 900 residents power outage, 55 communication base stations shut down.

At present, Xi 'an City is going all out to seize the golden rescue period, continue to race against time to search and rescue the lost personnel, speed up the repair and restoration of communications and power, do a good job in key parts of the disaster and river embankment reinforcement and other work, strictly prevent secondary disasters, simultaneous mass resettlement and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, and restore normal production and life order as soon as possible. Up to now, a total of 186 people have been relocated, three severely damaged roads in the 210 National Highway section have been cleared, 21 slightly damaged sections are being reinforced, 49 communication base stations in the affected area have resumed service, and 855 residents have resumed power supply.

The National Cryosphere Desert Data Center(hereinafter referred to as the Data Center) collects and prepares basic geographic data, satellite remote sensing data, population data, terrain and other emergency response scientific data according to the disaster situation. Up to now, 36 service data sets have been opened and provided, and the service data volume is about 104GB. The "Scientific data emergency response Service system for mudslide Disaster of Jiwozi Formation (20230811), Heiziping Village, Luanzhen Street, Chang 'an District, Xi 'an City, Shaanxi Province" has been released, which provides data visualization, interoperability and data download functions. For use by relevant emergency, rescue and research departments.

The subsequent data center will continue to further collect and sort out various data resources in the disaster area and gradually release them through the data center platform for the use of relevant emergency, rescue and research departments.

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