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Work promotion meeting of artificial intelligence application center of national glacial and frozen desert scientific data center held in Lanzhou
Publish time: 2020-01-19 11:45

  In the morning of December 27, 2019, Northwest Ecological Environment and Resources Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Lanzhou Institute of technology held the unveiling ceremony of "national glacier and frozen earth desert science data center artificial intelligence application center * *". Zhang Yaonan, director of the national glacial and frozen desert scientific data center, Huang Huiming, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Lanzhou Institute of technology, Lian Zhiduan, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Ma Jiang, Ma Tiexin, vice president, attended the ceremony. Lian Zhiduan, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, presided over the ceremony.

  In his speech, Huang Huiming pointed out that Lanzhou Institute of technology should rely on the construction of national glacial and frozen desert science data center platform, strengthen interdisciplinary integration, innovate talent training mode, and conduct high-quality scientific research; take industrial demand as the guide, integrate the sources of foreign investment in the school, promote the cooperation of colleges and universities, deepen win-win cooperation, and build a comprehensive multi-level cooperation platform to promote Make due contribution to the local economic and social development.

  Based on the principle of "resource sharing, complementary advantages, close cooperation, practical results, win-win learning and research, and common development", the two sides give full play to the advantages of scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning, promote in-depth integration of science and education, and carry out in-depth cooperation in personnel training, platform co construction, achievement sharing, resource sharing, scientific research project cooperation, etc. Make new achievements for the construction of national scientific data center.

  After the meeting, researcher Zhang Yaonan made a special academic report on the theme of "scientific data and artificial intelligence application".

  In 2018, Lanzhou Institute of technology was selected into the construction project of "Ai + Intelligent Learning" Artificial Intelligence College of the Ministry of education, becoming the first batch of Pilot Universities for the integration of production and teaching of Artificial Intelligence College in China; in 2019, Lanzhou Institute of technology was approved as Gansu Provincial image recognition and data analysis engineering research center, international science and technology cooperation base of resource and environment informatization in Gansu Province, visual perception and intelligent analysis in Gansu Province In collaboration with the innovation center, the school students, together with Tsinghua University and Peking University, have been on the first prize podium of the next generation Internet innovation competition for two consecutive years