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Experts in the field of army information visit the national glacial and frozen desert scientific data center
Publish time: 2020-01-19 20:39

On the morning of December 20, 2019, the army organized more than 60 leading experts in the field of information construction in major units and institutes to visit and exchange discussions with the national glacial and frozen desert scientific data center. The engineers of the center introduced the development process, work, characteristics of data resources, data mining and analysis capabilities, experience in serving national defense construction and future development goals of the data center to all leading experts in detail.

Subsequently, leading experts visited the science and technology exhibition hall of Northwest Institute of ecological environment and resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The data center presented the U disk containing the list of data resources of the center to the visiting representatives, so as to further understand the relevant data resources of the data center and provide more accurate data service guarantee. The visiting leading experts said that the national glacial and frozen desert scientific data center has distinctive resources, strong technical strength in data mining, analysis and sharing services, and early start to participate in the development of military civilian deep integration. In the future, it will further deepen the technical exchanges and cooperation between the military and local sides.