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Three Gorges Station

  The earliest support unit of Hubei Three Gorges landslide national field scientific observation and research station was established in October 1978 by the Xilingxia rockfall Investigation Office of Hubei Province, and then the Hubei Provincial Landslide Research Institute was established in May 1988. In December 2001, the Three Gorges landslide monitoring and testing station of Hubei Provincial Institute of rock avalanche and landslide was listed as the national key field scientific observation station (pilot station). In March 2004, it was integrated into the Three Gorges University. In November 2006, it was certified by the Ministry of science and technology as Hubei Three Gorges landslide national field observation and research station. It is the only field observation and scientific research station of landslide geological disasters in China Research on national professional stations.


   this station is supported by Three Gorges University, and other related disciplines, such as civil engineering, water conservancy engineering, geological resources and geological engineering and other related disciplines. Among them, civil engineering and water conservancy engineering are the key and dominant disciplines in Hubei Province, and the first level disciplines of geological resources and geological engineering are master's degree disciplines. The development goal and scientific orientation are: highlight the characteristics of "observation, experiment and demonstration", refine the research direction, build a field observation experimental demonstration base and scientific research platform for landslide monitoring, prediction and prevention technology research, and realize the general goal of "open research, data sharing, and scientific and technological innovation".

  observation station covers the formation mechanism of landslide disaster, monitoring technology, prediction and prediction, prevention and control engineering technology and other research directions. The formation mechanism of landslide disaster mainly includes experimental study on the influence law of water on the strength and deformation characteristics of rock and soil, research on water movement law in landslide caused by rainfall and reservoir water fluctuation, research on unsaturated soil characteristics, physical simulation and numerical simulation research; landslide disaster monitoring technology and monitoring forecast mainly carry out new monitoring instruments and new technology research, optical fiber sensing monitoring instrument and technology Application research, landslide disaster prediction criteria research, comprehensive monitoring and early warning and prediction method research; prevention and control engineering technology mainly carries out landslide disaster prevention and reinforcement new technology research, landslide disaster prevention and control engineering implementation regulations research, landslide disaster prevention and control engineering computer aided software development research.

  At the same time, our station has also established the "national special environment" together with the Antarctic Zhongshan snow ice and space special environment observation station, Antarctic Great Wall field observation station, Dongchuan Debris Flow Observation Station, Tianshan glacier observation station, northern Tibet Plateau cryosphere special environment and disaster observation station and local field monitoring and research platform of atmospheric composition (Waliguan station, Shangdianzi station, Lin'an station, Longfengshan station), etc Special function observation and research station system ". Through the construction of the system, the traditional working mode of landslide monitoring data accumulation, storage and management has been changed. By using modern network information technology, landslide monitoring data resources have been excavated and integrated, and a landslide monitoring database has been established, and a sharing platform for landslide monitoring data resources in the Three Gorges Reservoir area has been built.