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Author:  Van Genuchten M.Th
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AERMOD(AMS/EPA REGULATORY Model (model) is a steady-state smoke plume model established by the National Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the American Meteorological Society (AMS) on the basis of the industrial composite source model framework. It is based on the diffusion statistical theory and assumes that the concentration distribution of pollutants conforms to the normal distribution within a certain range, and the Gaussian diffusion formula is used to establish the model 。 AERMOD model does not involve the influence of dry and wet deposition, but introduces new atmospheric boundary layer and atmospheric diffusion theory such as planetary boundary layer to further improve ISC model. Therefore, AERMOD model can be applied to the emission of various emission sources (including point source, non-point source and body source), It can also be used to simulate various emission diffusion situations, such as rural environment and urban environment, flat terrain and complex terrain, ground source and elevated source. According to the relevant provisions of "technical acceptance rules for the application of multi-source model to verify the atmospheric environmental capacity of key cities", the air pollution sources in the atmospheric capacity planning area can be divided into point source, non-point source (body source) and line source. According to the monitoring data provided by Baoshan environmental monitoring station and the provisions on material balance of discharged pollutants in the notice on the verification of sewage charge collection (HF [2003] No. 64) issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration, a list of pollution sources is established.

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